Would you like to improve farm efficiency?
crop yield
Maintain soil fertility
Increase product quality and value
Reduce manufacturing costs
Мы знаем, как получить все сразу и даже больше

«I believe that natural, organic product «MICROTORF» in its composition, properties and efficiency of anti-stress and growth-stimulating effect on plants and soil biota is a humic new generation preparation, which has no analogues in Russia»


Laboratory of Humic Substances and Mineral Compounds Head, Candidate of Biological Sciences Stepanov A.A., Chair of Soil Chemistry, Faculty of Soil Science, Moscow State University

Is this the classic humate?

No, because it is a «live» product

an innovative «live» new generation product that uniquely increases agricultural production efficiency.
«MICROTORF’s» difference
from classic humic fertilizers
Classic humic fertilizers «MICROTORF»
Product base Peat, lignite and hard coal, vermicomposts, sapropel, wood and cellulose industry waste, etc. Humus from Russian lowland peat
State of matter Biological processes are inactive Biological activity is largely preserved
Alkaline balance Strong alkaline reaction
9 < pH <14 9<pH<14
Neutral acid environment
7 < pH < 7,5 7<pH<7,5


«Maturity» and «quality» of humic and fulvic acids contained in it should be considered as the main advantage of «MICROTORF»


Laboratory of Humic Substances and Mineral Compounds, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Stepanov A.A., Head of the Department of Soil Chemistry, Faculty of Soil Science, Moscow State University
Uniqueproduct features

Technology without chemical and thermal treatment excludes microorganism cell degradation and their deaths

100% natural raw materials

Creates a "living" natural organic product with high humic (40-45%) and fulvic (10-15%) acids

The essential qualities of the peat gel
Significantly increases yields
Acts as a meliorant - preserves fertilityх and restores depleted, degraded and polluted soils
Long-lasting effect on soil and plants
Long-lasting effect on soil and plants
Eliminates the "herbicide pit" by reducing the negative effects of agrochemicals on plants
«MICROTORF» contributes to higher yields,
while giving agricultural products
organic quality
Over 5 years of research, we have recorded
an increase in yields (compared to the control):
  • grain crops – up to 20-30%

  • vegetable crops – up to 70%

  • forage grasses – up to 90%

  • up to 15% more seed germination

  • more powerful
    root system development, growth up to 12%


  • Increases crop quality and variety
  • Improves crop quality
  • Extends shelf life
  • Provides products with organic status
  • Increases maturation rate
  • Retains its consumer qualities better during storage

Preserving and restoring soil fertility
почв – is an investment in the future

«MICROTORF» works as a miliorant — preserves soil fertility and restores
its properties with prolonged use

Using «MICROTORF» is especially effective for farmers who cultivate depleted and degraded lands, lands located in risky farming areas and in anomalous natural conditions

Activates the soil microbiota, which stimulates and enhances interaction plant processes with the soil
Actively binds heavy metals, radionuclides, herbicides, petroleum products and other toxic compounds
It works efficiently for a prolonged time period
«MICROTORF» has a prolonged effect on soil and plants and keeps the increased photosynthesis intensity and higher plants chlorophyll synthesis for a long time

Laboratory of Humic Substances and Mineral Compounds, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Stepanov A.A., Head of the Department of Soil Chemistry, Faculty of Soil Science, Moscow State University

"Only a small part of humic substances is in active form in the working solution. When the solution falls into the soil and vegetative plants organs there is a constant dissolution process of additional humic acid from «MICROTORF» as humic substances are consumed and come out from the root plant zone. This is the essence of «MICROTORF» prolonged impact on soil and plants, as the acceleration of plant metabolism continues for a long time, rather than a short time period, as it is seen with classical humic fertilizers.”

«MICROTORF» reduces the negative impact of agrochemicals

You will only benefit from it and solve the issue of harmful impacts from other agrochemicals used on crops

«MICROTORF’s» unique effect reduces the risk of «herbicide pit» occurrence, thus, allowing you to maintain fertilizer and agrochemical efficacy

«MICROTORF» will be a friend to all
Water at disperse medium's base
No chemical treatment during production
Product with neutral acidity 7 < pH < 7,5
Is high financial performance only in your
dreams? «MICROTORF» will make them a reality
Plants will stand up to any test
««MICROTORF» increases plant immunity, making them more resistant to adverse factors:
  • drought
  • cold
  • excess moisture
  • diseases
Saving on processing
Over time, with regular use, due to its cumulative effect
on the soil, it reduces application of
  • mineral fertilizers up to 50%
  • agrochemicals up to 10%
from sale
  • acquirement of the organic status by products
  • increase in harvest quality and variety
  • improvement of appearance
  • лbetter preservation of consumer quality during storage is
  • increase in ripening speed
«МИКРОТОРФ» прост и безопасен
в применении
Safe for humans
«MICROTORF’s» particle size is less than 80 microns
Размер частиц «МИКРОТОРФ» менее 80 микрон
Harmless to soil and plants even in the case of overdose
Storage temperature range from +5 °C to +15 °C
Мы уверены в том, что
вы получите результат
Применение «МИКРОТОРФ» на каждом этапе обработки почвы и растений складывается в пазл максимальной эффективности продукта
  • Предпосевная обработка почвы
  • Обработка семян/черенков/ клубней перед посадкой
  • Обработка растений и прикорневая
    обработка почвы в период вегетации

Результат теста 1
  1. Прибавка урожая: получили 37,5 ц/Га против 30 ц/Га в контроле
  2. Повысилась продуктивная кустистость культуры, также отмечается удлинение
    стебля и колоса при применении «МИКРОТОРФ» и увеличение количества зерен в колосе
  3. Увеличение клейковины до 24, белка до 13
  4. Получена дополнительная прибыль за счет прибавки урожая и перевода продукции в другую сортность
Условия тестирования
  • 1Культура: озимая пшеница
  • 2Локация: Россия, Кировская область, Фаленский район
  • 3Лето характеризовалось засухой и перепадом температур
  • 4Тестирование на стадиях:
  • обработка семян
  • опрыскивание в последней фазе кущения в баковой смеси с гербизидами
  • опрыскивание в последней фазе колошения в баковой смеси с фунгицидами
Результат теста 2
Увеличили рентабельность посевных угодий на сумму 6400 рублей на Га
Учитывался только фактор урожайности. Другие качественные свойства продукции, дающие экономический эффект не учитывались. Экономический эффект выше на истощенных почвах и высокосортных зерновых и масленичных культурах
Условия тестирования
Культура — яровые фуражные сорта ржи и пшеницы. Локация:
  • Россия, Кировская область, Уржумский район
  • Россия, Тамбовская область, Моршанский район
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We have created such a quality product,
that we are amazed to discover
more and more of its properties!
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We will provide «MICROTORF» in sufficient quantities for test trials at no charge. Our specialist, who will be your consultant at all stages of product use as well as will provide recommendations for application of «MICROTORF» for specific crops, is always at your service
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